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On their way to [[Celestic Town]], {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrive at the [[Pokémon Summer Academy]] and decide to participate there after an invitation from [[Professor Rowan]]. At this event, many {{pkmn|Trainer}}s gather and spend time together for one week while learning various things about {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. After being separated into one of three teams (Red, Blue, and Green), the Trainer's first task is to choose a random [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}, train the Pokémon contained inside, taking a day to bond with it, and battle with it the next day. Ash and friends also meet [[Angie]], a competitive tomboy who quickly becomes Ash's rival. In a twist of fate, Angie and Ash are both assigned to the Red Team. Many of the Pokémon that were highlighted had some kind of social issue, from low self-esteem in the case of {{an|Dawn}}'s {{p|Grimer}}, to the lack of confidence of Ash's skittish {{p|Raichu}}. Being able to overcome such obstacles and befriend their Pokémon would require much more skill and patience and thus be a fitting test of a Trainer's ability to bond with their Pokémon. {{TRT}} stayed totally off the radar, with [[Jessie]], acting as Jessilinda, spending all of her time gushing over her {{p|Smoochum}}, while [[James]] and {{MTR}} posed as janitors.
After checking out their Pokémon's moves, Ash and Dawn begin to bond with their Pokémon. Dawn feeds Grimer some of her homemade [[Poffin]]s while Brock feeds his partner Magnemite static electricity. Meanwhile, Angie goes to get her Monferno but sees it trying to pick a fight with a Trainer's Croconaw. Ash starts brushing Raichu's fur with a brush but gets it caught making Raichu freak out and discharge. Dawn bonds with Grimer getting it to do poses with her. Angie's Monferno defiantly uses Ember at her when she tries to get it to practice moves. She chases Monferno throughout the classroom while Monferno uses Ember again hitting Ash, Pikachu, and Raichu. Ash and Angie argue and get in trouble. After lunch everyone participates in games and classes (with Ash and Angie passing out in the middle of a lesson and getting in trouble again) until it's bedtime. Ash, Angie, Dawn, and Brock stay up playing cards and talking about their dreams until Yuzo barges in angrily enforcing that it was time for bed.