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Tyler catches up with the Yanma and sends out Pippy, his [[gender|female]] {{p|Piplup}}. Pippy uses {{m|Peck}} but Yanma dodges. Ash and his friends arrive and the Yanma uses {{m|Sonic Boom}}. Pippy is knocked backwards but gets up and uses {{m|Pound}}. Yanma dodges and uses {{m|Wing Attack}}. Pippy is knocked down and Yanma flies away. Tyler falls on his knees after his failure at catching the Yanma and Pippy feels the same way.
Ash and his friends sit with Tyler and start talking. Tyler's Pippy and [[Dawn's Piplup]] begin playing and Tyler begins how he first saw a Yanma and wanted it. Dawn mentions her story of catching {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}}, her first Pokémon, and Ash continues on with his first, {{AP|Caterpie|Butterfree}}. The group decides to help Tyler catch Yanma. The group look for Yanma and [[Ash's Staravia]] flies down pointing its wing to where it is. Tyler and Pippy prepare to battle. Pippy makes the first move with {{m|Bubble}} which Yanma dodges. Pippy goes on to use Peck which makes contact with Yanma. Pippy uses Pound and hits Yanma again. Yanma flies up and charges at Pippy with {{m|Quick Attack}}. Pippy charges with Peck and Yanma is sent backwards seeming unable to battle further. Tyler is ready to throw a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}, but {{TRT}} comes up from the lake and performs their motto., after which [[Jessie]] throws a Poké Ball and catches Yanma without any effort. The group is shocked and {{TRT}} leaves.escapes Tylerwith istheir catch, leaving Tyler sad and fallsfalling on his knees again, crying.
Piplup comes out of the water, not finding Team Rocket's {{p|Magikarp}} [[Team Rocket's mechas|submarine]]. Tyler remains sad but Ash encourages him and telling him not to give up. Dawn and Brock exchange words with Tyler and he regains his confidence. Another Yanma flies by and everyone agrees that Tyler can catch this one.
The group is searching for the Yanma but have no luck. They set up a table and Ash shows Tyler his Badges and Dawn shows him her Ribbons. Tyler is impressed with them and becomes inspired to catch Yanma.
Team Rocket is sleeping and Jessie, [[James]], and {{MTR}} are thinking about what the boss will say, believing he'll be happy with Yanma. Meanwhile, at {{an|Team Rocket HQ|Team Rocket's headquarters}}, Giovanni receives Jessie's Yanma, delivered to his office by two {{tc|Team Rocket GruntsGrunt}}s. He uses a special extension arm from his laptop to scan the Poké Ball, revealing the {{OBP|Pokémon|species|species}} inside and the attacks[[move]]s it knows, one which is {{m|Ancient Power}}. He asks about their current supply, and one of the grunts reports that Team Rocket has recently caught a large number of Yanma, and therefore there is no need for the Yanma they've just received. As he scratches his {{TP|Giovanni|Persian}} behind the ears, Giovanni is asked what he wants to do with the Yanma...
The next day the group is ready to catch Yanma and Brock has set up {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} food for it. Team Rocket is freshening up and Delibird returns. It gives them Yanma back without telling Meowth what it is. They open the box and see it's a Poké Ball. Meowth thinks Giovanni has sent them a new, powerful Pokémon which makes his, James's, and Jessie's eyes sparkle imagining the Poké Ball containing a {{p|Lucario}} or a {{p|Rampardos}}. Jessie throws the Poké Ball only to have Yanma come out, and from the way it sits on Jessie's head the trio realize it's not just a Yanma... it's the ''same'' Yanma they caught earlier. Jessie is disappointed and Meowth and James are surprised. Jessie and James start crying as they believe that Giovanni decided to reward them for catching a powerful Pokémon by returning said Pokémon to them. The two agree that Jessie should be Yanma's Trainer and also decide to catch another Yanma for Giovanni in return.
Meanwhile, Pippy uses Peck on another Yanma and knocks it out. Ash tells him to throw a Poké Ball. Tyler is about to, but Team Rocket steps in front of the Yanma. Jessie sends out her Yanma, and Ash sends out {{AP|Chimchar}}. Yanma uses Wing Attack but Chimchar dodges and uses {{m|Flamethrower}}. Team Rocket shouts out and Meowth uses {{m|Fury Swipes}} on Chimchar. James sends out {{TP|James|Carnivine}} which {{m|bite}}s him on the head as usual. James throws Carnivine and Carnivine uses {{m|Bullet Seed}}. Yanma uses {{m|Sonic Boom}} and Chimchar dodges both the attacks. While in midair, Chimchar uses {{m|Flame Wheel}} and hits both Carnivine and Yanma. Jessie is shocked but Yanma recovers and uses {{m|Ancient Power}}. Chimchar is hit but recovers quick. Yanma glows white and begins to [[Evolution|evolve]]. Jessie and Meowth are surprised and Yanma becomes a {{TP|Jessie|Yanmega}}. Dawn checks out Yanmega on her Pokédex and Yanmega uses Sonic Boom. Power and momentum are on Yanmega's side and Chimchar is hit and sent flying back. Yanmega shoots several more Sonic Booms at the group knocking them all off their feet. Team Rocket is happy that they beat the twerps but the wild Yanma gets up and flies away. Team Rocket notice and recall their Pokémon. They set off after the Yanma.
Team Rocket is looking for Yanma and excited about Jessie's new Yanmega. It annoys her, however, when it comes out of its Poké Ball and lands on her head. James checks a card to see what new Pokémon they've obtained. They are convinced that it was Giovanni that taught Yanma Ancient Power to evolve it, (thoughunaware of the fact that Yanma already knew Ancientthe Powermove when Giovanni received it). They decide to catch thousands of Yanma with the help of Yanmega for him in return.
Brock sets out the Pokémon food again and another Yanma takes the bait. Pippy starts the battle with Pound and hits Yanma. Team Rocket appears and Ash sends out {{AP|Buizel}}. Jessie has Yanmega use Ancient Power, but Buizel dodges and uses {{m|Aqua Jet}}. Yanmega gets hit then Buizel continues with a Sonic Boom. Yanmega is thrown backwards and Ash finishes it off with {{AP|Pikachu}}'s {{m|Thunderbolt}}. Team Rocket is sent blasting off and out of sight.