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Changes from Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal
* A new sidequest, the [[Pokéathlon]], features ten mini-games that pit Pokémon in athletic competitions. Its system appears to be analogous to that of [[Pokémon Contest]]s and {{pkmn|Super Contest}}s from previous games.
[[File:Pokewalker.png|thumb|150px|The Pokéwalker]]
* Like the [[Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter|GBA Wireless Adapter]] that came with {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, a bonus is included with the purchase of HeartGold and SoulSilver: a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}-shaped {{wp|pedometer}} called the [[Pokéwalker]] that has the capacity to link to the two games and hold a Pokémon. Storing a Pokémon in this manner increases its [[experience]] and [[friendship]] as the wearer walks. Other Pokémon can be captured in exclusive Pokéwalker-only areas and then transferred to the main game.
* [[Apricorn]]s are now the only items collected from plants on the field. [[Berry|Berries]] are instead collected from {{tc|Juggler}}s in [[Violet City]] and [[Fuchsia City]] in exchange for [[shard]]s, through the [[Pokéwalker]]'s Dowsing function, hidden on the ground, or from the deliveryman in [[Poké Mart]]s sent by the player's {{jo|mom}} (if the player allows their mom to save money). A few Berries cannot be collected in these games and must be traded over from other versions, similar to in FireRed and LeafGreen. Though they cannot be grown on the ground like in [[Hoenn]] or [[Sinnoh]], they can be grown portably using the [[Berry Pots]], where the [[Squirt Bottle|SquirtBottle]] is controlled via the touch screen to water four Berries at a time.
* Using the [[Apriblender]], Apricorns can now also be mixed into drinks that increase a Pokémon's Pokéathlon stats by putting Apricorns in the blender and walking around.