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Pokémon Platinum Version

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* The back area of [[Spear Pillar]] has been slightly redesigned to allow more room for the [[Creation trio]] when they appear.
* [[Sunyshore City]] has been refurbished with new pathways and its houses have been remodeled.
* The entrance and exit of {{si|Victory Road}} have become wider, having a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} at the center of the arch.
* The [[Battle Zone]] is now warmer, and palm trees can be found there.
* [[Stark Mountain]] now has more features evocative of a {{wp|volcano}}, such as crags and pits of lava.
* Normally, when the player picks up an item on the ground, it disappears and the message saying "[Player] received a(n)/the [item]" displays. However, when the player approaches the Poké Ball containing the {{DL|Type-enhancing item|[[Griseous Orb}}]], it displays "<Player> received a Griseous Orb!" ''before'' it disappears. This mistake was corrected in the localizations. This oversight also occurs in the [[Turnback Cave]] with the item in the last room by the portal in every release of the game.