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Opening animations
[[File:Pokémon Sunday logo variant 2.png|right|thumb|Variant 2]]
[[File:Pokémon Sunday logo variant 3.png|right|thumb|Variant 3]]
The original opening animation was about 24 seconds long and only lasted a few episodes. It featured {{Ash}} throwing a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} which would then transition into two film strips showing episode clips. {{p|Pikachu}} stands on the horizontal film strip with pom-poms and acts like a cheerleader. {{p|Plusle}} and {{p|Minun}} then replace the cheerleading {{p|Pikachu}}. It then transitions to clouds and the Pokémon Sunday logo.
The second opening was a lot more elaborate and completely done in CGI. It was slightly longer than the original opening, clocking in at approximately 26 seconds. It starts off with the announcer shouting, "Are you ready?" and what looks to be the Kanto region in the background. The Pichu Brothers Rascal Railway PokéPark locomotive crosses the screen and it then transitions to a {{p|Pikachu}} ride with one of the positions as a car. {{p|Pikachu}}, {{p|Wobbuffet}} and {{p|Treecko}} are in the car which motors off the screen and then transitions to another ride. A ferris wheel and three hot-air balloons featuring {{p|Skitty}}, {{p|Mudkip}} and {{p|Pichu}} are shown while the train reappears and crosses the screen again. Finally, it transitions to clouds and the Pokémon Sunday logo.