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|desc=After the Pokémon Summer Academy, Angie was asked to watch over a {{OBP|Trainer|DP098}}'s {{p|Lickitung}} by her parents as they were going away on a trip. Eager to impress her parents, Angie worked far too hard training Lickitung and taught it to use {{m|Rollout}} which caused it to evolve into a {{p|Lickilicky}}.
Knowing she'd be in big trouble for evolving another Trainer's Pokémon, and as Lickilicky refused to be kept inside its [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}, Angie hid Lickilicky in a cave. However, Lickilicky escaped and people began believing it was a Scarf Monster due to the scarf Angie made it wear. {{TRT}} attempted to capture it even after learning it wasn't a monster but Angie was able to expertly command Lickilicky and fought Team Rocket off. Although Angie's parents were upset with her for evolving Lickitung, [[Trainer (DP098)|its Trainer]] couldn't be happier about what had happened as he couldn't be bothered to evolve it himself. As a result, she avoided any punishment from her parents.
Lickilicky's known moves are {{m|Rollout}}, {{m|Wrap}}, and {{m|Slam}}.}}