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Carnivine (Duel 490)

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'''Carnivine''' (Japanese: '''マスキッパ''' ''Muskippa'') is a figure in [[Pokémon Duel]]. It was made available and added to [[Time Booster]]s in version 7.0.11.

{{DuelAbility|type=grass|name=Bug Trap|jname=|jtrans=|effect=This Pokémon may {{mp}} move over non-{{type|Flying}} Pokémon on the field. At the beginning of your turn, instead of MP moving, you may move an adjacent, opposing {{type|Bug}} Pokémon that has MP 0 or lower, or that cannot MP move or battle, to your P.C. If you do, your turn ends.}}

==Data Disk==
{{DuelZMove|type=grass|movecol=white|name=Bloom Doom|jname=ブルームシャインエクストラ|jtrans=Bloom Shine Extra|power=140|effect=Removes all {{TFG|Special Conditions|special conditions}} from your Pokémon.}}
{{DuelAttack|type=Grass|movecol=white|name=Power Whip*|jname=パワーウィップ※|jtrans=Power Whip*|power=70|effect=*The battle opponent gains {{TFG|Wait}} 3.|prob=56}}
{{DuelAttack|type=grass|movecol=purple|name=Sleep Powder|jname=ねむりごな|jtrans=Sleep Powder|stars=1|effect=The battle opponent falls {{DL|Special Conditions (TFG)|asleep}}.|prob=32}}

==Release information==
This figure was available as a Monthly Points Reward from {{DL|Monthly Point|June 12 to July 3, 2019}}.

{{m|Power Whip}} and {{m|Sleep Powder}} are [[move]]s in the [[Pokémon games]] that {{p|Carnivine}} can learn, the last via {{pkmn|breeding}}. {{m|Bloom Doom}} is a [[Z-Move]] in the games that Carnivine can use by equipping [[Grassium Z]].