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Hiker (Trainer class)

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A '''Hiker''' (Japanese: '''やまおとこ''' ''Mountaineer'') is a type of [[Pokémon Trainer]] that debuted in the [[Generation I]] games. They appear as large, typically bearded men carrying a walking stick and wearing hiking gear. In the following generations, they also carry a large [[bag|backpack]]. In [[Pokémon GO]], a Hiker refers to a Trainer who has caught at least 10 {{type|Rock}} Pokémon.
They specialize in a combination of {{t|Fighting}}-, {{t|Ground}}-, and {{type|Rock}} Pokémon that are common in mountains and caves, such as {{p|Onix}}, {{p|Machop}}, and {{p|Geodude}}, although not all of them exclusively train those types.