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Methods of evolution
Some Pokémon have different evolutions depending on their gender. For example, only female {{p|Combee}} can evolve into {{p|Vespiquen}}; male Combee cannot evolve at all. Meanwhile, all {{p|Snorunt}} can evolve into {{p|Glalie}}, but female Snorunt have the option of evolving into {{p|Froslass}} instead. This instance occurs in a similar way with {{p|Kirlia}}, albeit with males having split evolution instead.
Also, there have been situations in which the current party must be configured in a specific manner for some Pokémon to evolve. So far, only three Pokémon need to have these special requirements. {{p|Mantyke}} will evolve into {{p|Mantine}} if leveled up with a {{p|Remoraid}} in the player's party. {{p|Nincada}} will evolve into {{p|Ninjask}} when it reaches level 20. However, if there happens to be an empty space in the player's party (and a spare [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} in Generation IV onward), a {{p|Shedinja}} will also appear in the party. {{p|Pancham}} evolves into {{p|Pangoro}} if its level is 32 or higher and there is a Dark-type Pokémon in the player's party.
Some Pokémon evolve in other unique ways. If one trades a {{p|Karrablast}} for a {{p|Shelmet}}, they will evolve into {{p|Escavalier}} and {{p|Accelgor}}, respectively, though neither will evolve if one of them holds an [[Everstone]]. When {{p|Inkay}} reaches level 30, the player must hold the [[Nintendo 3DS|3DS]] upside-down for it to evolve into {{p|Malamar}}. Also introduced was a weather-based evolution: {{p|Sliggoo}} will evolve into {{p|Goodra}} beginning at level 50 only if it is [[rain]]ing in the area that the player is in. Finally, {{p|Sylveon}} can only be obtained by leveling up an {{p|Eevee}} that knows any {{type|Fairy}} moves and has at least two hearts of [[Affection]].