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Other contestants are shown with their Pokémon, including {{p|Pidgeot}}, {{p|Vileplume}}, {{p|Alakazam}}, and {{p|Tangela}}. Lilian then introduces "Empress Jessibella"—Jessie in disguise—who sends out {{TP|James|Cacnea}}. Cacnea and Jessie run toward each other and hug each other. The painful embrace moves Lilian and the crowd to tears in reaction to how close Jessibella and Cacnea appear to be. Jessie tells Cacnea to use {{m|Pin Missile}} and the pins wind upward and collide, creating an explosion similar to that of fireworks. Both Meowth and James are amazed at Jessie's performance. Lilian then goes to congratulate Jessie but notices that Cacnea is still attached to her and she's not moving at all. Lilian taps her and she falls to the floor, paralyzed with pain. Jessie is then rushed back into the operating room again by {{TP|Nurse Joy|Chansey}}.
Lilian then introduces the last contestant, May, with her Squirtle at her side. Squirtle seems uneasy at the sight of the mass of people in the stands, but May says that it'll get over it. She calls upon {{TP|May|Combusken}}, who twists and flips to the ground like a gymnast after coming out of its [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}. May then unties and throws her bandanna toward Combusken as tells it to use {{m|Fire Spin}} and {{m|Sky Uppercut}}. Combusken propels the bandanna upward with Fire Spin, leaps through the spiraling fire, and hits it repeatedly with Sky Uppercut, tying it back to its normal state. Combusken then delivers one last blow to send the retied bandanna right back onto May's head. Combusken lands in front of May and the two pose for the finish. The crowd goes wild, shouting and cheering. Squirtle looks on admiringly and everyone seems to be pleased with her performance, except for Harley, who looks disappointed with her success.
The eight Pokémon Coordinators moving on to the [[Contest Battle]]s are then announced, which include May, Jessie, and Harley. James and Max are surprised at Jessie's success and wonder if she might actually win. The contestants' battle match-ups are randomly selected, and it is revealed that Jessie will face Harley and May will battle another participant in the second round of the Contest. May is very exuberant and excited about her performance as Harley interrupts her again. He then begins off with his usual threats and May fires back quickly.