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High above in their balloon, Team Rocket notices Jigglypuff's skills and decides to catch it. {{MTR}} fantasizes that {{an|Giovanni}} could use it as a decoration, exercise ball, and sleeping aid.
While the Pokémon are used as sentries around the cabin, Ash and friends ask Mitch why he's out here. Mitch explains that he requested leave from his job six months ago to catch his daughter [[Lisa Mitchum|Lisa]] a Jigglypuff for her fifth birthday, which was her only request. He left home to go to the woods in which he knew that Jigglypuff lived. Being an amateur Trainer, Mitch at first simply tried throwing [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} after Poké Ball at one particular Jigglypuff he had found, failing each time. Even after catching a Loudred to battle for him, the Jigglypuff outsmarted him each time, or simply put him to sleep with Sing. With his daughter's birthday approaching, Mitch studied up on how to capture Pokémon and caught Loudred, whose {{a|Soundproof}} Ability would be useful. Even then, he could not catch Jigglypuff. Mitch then reveals that Lisa's birthday is tomorrow, but he has already written to her saying that he would not be home for her birthday because he promised to get her a Jigglypuff. Ash and his friends agree to help Mitch capture Jigglypuff.
Team Rocket is listening in on their conversation using audio equipment while eating rice balls when Jigglypuff shows up next to them. They try to catch it, but Flamethrower makes them toast. They get back up to go after it, but Jigglypuff puts [[Jessie]], [[James]], Meowth, and {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} to sleep. Loudred and {{TP|Brock|Mudkip}} alert Ash, his friends, and Mitch to the scene. Mitch and Ash challenge Jigglypuff to a battle using Loudred and {{AP|Pikachu}}. [[Max]] warns Ash not to attack it directly and Brock suggests Mitch to use {{m|Uproar}} to render Sing ineffective. Uproar hits, but Jigglypuff hardly notices it. Pikachu uses {{m|Thunderbolt}}, but Jigglypuff jump high into the air and hits Pikachu twice with {{m|Rollout}}. The third Rollout hits Team Rocket, waking them up and making Meowth and Wobbuffet stuck in Loudred's ears. Team Rocket recites their motto, but are interrupted by Mitch, who thinks that they are Ash's friends and hands them his business cards. Loudred blasts the two Pokémon out of its ears, hitting Jessie and James and sending them all blasting off. Jigglypuff escapes, but Brock suggests that outsmarting it might be better than battling it.