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Mrs. Ketchum, followed by Oshawott who walks up to Ash, both express their concern over him. Ash reassures them and gets up immediately, worried about Pikachu. The {{t|Electric}} Mouse Pokémon gets up, smiles and then charges his tail with electricity, showing Ash he has recovered. In order to test out Pikachu's electricity further, Ash commands Pikachu to use {{m|Thunderbolt}} and {{m|Volt Tackle}} on him. After Ash was given a decent shock from Pikachu, he comes to the conclusion that Pikachu is back to normal, before collapsing due to exhaustion.
Later that night, while having dinner together with Pikachu, his mother, and {{an|Professor Oak}}, Ash announces that he wants to begin a new adventure in Unova, to be able to meet new Pokémon and make new friends, and will be challenging the [[Unova League]]. Approving of his decision, Professor Oak tells him that he will take good care of his other Pokémon while he is away, while Ash's mother advises Pikachu to look after Ash. Professor Oak, as a [[Pokémon Researcher|researcher]], then requests Ash to occasionally report to him about new Pokémon and discoveries. Right after their dinner, Professor Juniper gives him a [[Pokédex]] and five [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}s, and tells him that the first [[Gym]] is at [[Striaton City]]. She also reminds him that he may meet his rival, [[Trip]], while on his journey.
As the sun rises in the morning, Ash is now prepared to leave for his journey. Meanwhile, Mrs. Ketchum, standing beside the two Professors, now rattles off a list of advice and to-dos for Ash on his journey. He tells her that he is not a small boy anymore, and when Professor Juniper informs him about the [[Pokémon Center]] after leaving the forest, he turns around and sets off, the three adults cheering him on. Oshawott watches from behind.
Ash walks into the forest, wondering what kind of Pokémon he will catch first. He then hears rustling from a bush he jogs past, and seeing something purple, he checks his Pokédex. The electronic gadget displays a picture of an {{p|Axew}}, apparently green in color. Talking about Axew's properties and behavior, Ash wonders why what he sees is so different from what it is being displayed. Nevertheless, he throws a [[Poké Ball]], and it hits... a girl's head! The girl rises from the bush, enraged at being thought of as a Pokémon. Apparently, it was actually her purple hair that Ash had spotted while she was picking fruit. Ash immediately apologies for his actions. Accepting his apology, the girl raises the fruit she had picked to her hair and an Axew pops out, grabs the fruit and jumps to the ground, eating it.
As Pikachu walks forward towards Axew, the girl excitedly picks him up and starts playing with his cheeks, hugging him tightly and starts cuddling him. She asks Ash about Pikachu, and the two then formally introduce each other. The girl is actually named {{an|Iris}}. During the conversation, Pikachu struggles to breathe and discharges a lot of electricity, causing Iris to drop to the ground. Later on, Iris apologizes to Pikachu, and she questions Ash about the incident that happened yesterday. Upon hearing that Professor Juniper described the Pokémon as Zekrom, she starts further questioning him, but Ash and Pikachu, having spotted a {{p|Deerling}}, became distracted and chases after it.
* In the scene where [[Matori]] puts the coffee on {{an|Giovanni}}'s desk, the yellow stripes on Giovanni's uniform are missing.
* Before Ash catches Pidove, he flips his hat backwards, but when Ash picks the [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} up, his hat is facing forwards.
* When Team Rocket capture {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{TP|Iris|Axew}}, Pikachu is shown to be held in the left arm and Axew in the right. Later on, they are shown in the opposite arms.
* After Iris says "Axew isn't yours. It's mine", Pikachu's right cheek is missing.