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|epname=Passing by Probopass and Maneuvering around Magnezone
|desc={{p|Honchkrow}} is the first Pokémon seen in Cyrus's possession. He was first seen when Cyrus let him out of his [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} just before he receives a package. Honchkrow was used again in the Celestic Ruins where he cleared fog in order for Cyrus to make his leave. He was used against [[Cynthia]] but was easily defeated by her {{p|Spiritomb}}. He was later used to protect the Red Chain from being destroyed by the Sinnoh Gym Leaders but was unsuccessful in stopping them in time. Later, he was used to prevent Diamond from stopping Dialga and Palkia's fighting. In the Platinum chapter, Honchkrow was used with Diamond's Kit to free Dialga and Palkia from Giratina's trap. He is level 63, has an Adamant nature, and his [[Characteristic]] is "a little quick tempered."
Honchkrow's known moves are {{m|Defog}} and {{m|Night Slash}}, and his Ability is {{a|Insomnia}}.}}