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The group rushes onto a bridge as Gyarados continues its rampage towards Mahogany Town. Ash tries to talk the Gyarados into becoming calm, but Gyarados tries to attack them with Hyper Beam. [[Pryce|An old man]] appears and orders his {{TP|Pryce|Dewgong}} to use {{m|Ice Beam}} on the river, which stops Gyarados from traveling any further. He tells them that Pokémon and humans are not meant to be friends, and it's putting them in danger. Ash and his friends soon leave as the Gyarados turns away to continue its outrage in the opposite direction.
Down the river, Lance's Dragonite is trying to fight the Red Gyarados. The two Pokémon exchange a barrage of attacks. Ash and his friends urge Lance to stop the battle, but Lance insists that battling is the only way to calm Gyarados's anger. Dragonite manages to {{status|paralyze}} Gyarados with a Thunder Wave. A follow up Twister causes Gyarados to hit the water. The Red Gyarados rises again, and as it prepares to fire a Hyper Beam, Dragonite’s own Hyper Beam hits first. Gyarados soon faints, and Lance captures it with a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}.
By sunset, Officer Jenny salutes Lance for his efforts. She soon leaves to continue her investigation into Team Rocket's activities. Lance thanks the group, and assures Ash that he will look after the Red Gyarados and treat it as a friend. Ash is instantly cheered up. Afterwards, Lance flies off on his Dragonite, and says goodbye to Ash and his friends.