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If a Pokémon with experience is defeated using only regular attacks, the experience gain is only half of the base value (rounded down). If at least one move was successfully used against the foe, or if the foe uses a move that targets itself or other enemy Pokémon, the experience gain is the full base value. If the qualifying attack is part of a linked move, the experience gain becomes 1.5× the base value.
As with the core series games, Pokémon acquiring enough experience points will level up. The amount needed differs from the core series games, generally being significantly higher than in the core series, and is defined differently for each Pokémon. For example, {{P|Yanma}}, which requires 1,000,000 experience points to reach level 100 in the core series games, requires 4,000,000 experience points to reach level 100 in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. It's currently unknown if Pokémon can be grouped by experience growth as in the core series games.
===In the Pokémon Ranger series===