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Mudkip (Pokémon)

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Mudkip debuted in ''[[AG001|Get the Show on the Road]]'', when {{an|May}} was asked to use a Pokémon to attack some {{p|Poochyena}}, only for Mudkip to use {{m|Water Gun}} on May. Later, when May was asked to pick her [[starter Pokémon]], she didn't pick Mudkip, remembering the time when it refused to do what May had asked.
A Mudkip appeared ''[[AG005|In the Knicker of Time!]]'', under the ownership of [[Nicholai]]. It was his main Pokémon. In ''[[AG048|ZigZag Zangoose]]'', it was revealed to have evolved to a {{p|Marshtomp}}.
A Mudkip appeared in ''[[AG034|Having a Wailord of a Time]]''. [[Nurse Joy]] asked {{Ash}} and Max to look over it and a {{p|Treecko}} and {{p|Torchic}}. The Mudkip of this group was very young and cried easily. Mudkip was picked by {{OBP|Stephanie|AG034}} to be her starter Pokémon.