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* [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Holo Caster]]: {{p|Machoke}}
** Instead of Pokémon Holo Caster, {{p|Hoopa}} pops out to announce the [[Legendary Pokémon]] giveaways and to urge viewers to get tickets for the [[M18|second ''XY'' series movie]].
* {{an|Bonnie}}, and {{MTR}} narrate the preview for the [[XY071|next episode]].
** Just like in ''[[XY013|Kindergarten Chaos!]]'' and ''[[XY055|A Slippery Encounter!]]'', at the end of the preview, Bonnie says "Everyone, keep Pokémon!" instead of {{Ash}} saying his "Everyone, get Pokémon!" phrase.
* This episode features the following flashbacks of Ash and his {{AP|Goodra}}.
* This is the first episode in which Ash releases a Pokémon since he released his {{AP|Lapras}} in ''[[EP113|Viva Las Lapras]]'', 756 episodes earlier.
* Music from ''[[M16|Genesect and the Legend Awakened]]'' is used in this episode.
* The Japanese title is a reference to the song from the 1939 film ''{{wp|The Wizard of Oz (1939 film)|The Wizard of Oz}}'', Somewhere {{wp|Over the Rainbow}}.
* The dub segment for [[Who's That Pokémon?]] features {{p|Florges}}'s Red Flower form instead of the Blue Flower.
* Goodra's {{m|Dragon Pulse}} jump onto {{TRT}}'s ship may be a reference to the mechanic of "rocket jumping" in the 2007 first-person shooter game ''{{wp|Team Fortress 2}}''.
* In one scene, {{Ash}}'s mouth is missing. This error repeats in next six frames.
* In one scene, one of {{an|Florges}}'s green lashes is colored the same way as her head.
* Like in the previous episode, Gulpin used {{m|Water Gun}}, a move it cannot learn.
* In the dub, when {{p|Floette}} wasis fully healed, Florges's Japanese voice was heard.
* In the {{pmin|Norway|Norwegian}} dub, the title card states {{tt|Under regnbuen!|Under the rainbow!}}, whereas Ash narrates "over" instead of "under".
===Dub edits===
* Ash's [[Pokédex]] statedstates Floette's {{pkmn|category}} asis the Single Bloom Pokémon. In the original version, it doesn't state its category at all.
==In other languages==