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* {{Ash}} and [[Professor Sycamore]] narrate the preview for the [[XY068|next episode]].
* [[Mad-Paced Getter]] is used as an insert song during the battle's conclusion.
* This episode is similar to Ash's [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} with [[Volkner]] in ''[[DP179|The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!]]''.
** Both Gyms specialize in {{type|Electric}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}.
** Pikachu defeats a Pokémon and is [[recall]]ed afterwards but later loses to a {{p|Luxray}}, the [[Gym Leader]]'s last Pokémon.
*** Ash uses a part {{type|Fighting}} Pokémon against the Luxray. However, it lost this time.
** Both Gyms had a robot for a [[Battle judge|referee]].
** The participants had an earlier battle that was cancelledcanceled due to {{TRT}}'s interference.
** An Electric-type Pokémon uses {{m|Iron Tail}} on the ground after another Pokémon uses {{m|Dig}}.
** Ash's {{AP|last Pokémon|Infernape}} activates its [[Ability]].
** The battle eventually has the same Pokémon fighting as their first match.
** One of Ash's Pokémon use there ability for the first time.
* The Japanese airdateair-date for this episode aired on the same week as the English airing of ''[[XY058|The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!]]''. Both episodes featured Ash officially battling the Gym Leader the episode after arriving in the [[Coumarine City|respective]] [[Lumiose City|citycities]].
** These two episodes were also initially listed on the schedule without the word "The" at the beginning of their English episode title. However, when they were aired, they both included "The" at the beginning of their English episode title.
* This is the only time where {{Ash}} diddoes not use {{AP|Fletchinder}} in a [[Kalos]] Gym battle.
* This episode's dub marks the first directed by [[Theresa Buchheister]].
* When Ash holds up {{AP|Goodra}}'s {{i|Poké Ball}}, the white center and black band around the white button is much larger than normal.
* When Goodra activatedactivates its {{a|Hydration}} Ability, its right antenna turns black in one scene then turns back to purple.
* The original blurb for this episode misspells Lumiose as Lum''oi''se.