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Seviper (Pokémon)

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A Seviper appeared in ''[[BW114|Saving Braviary!]]'', under the ownership of a {{tc|Team Plasma Grunt}} named [[Schwarz and Weiss|Schwarz]]. Schwarz sent it out after he and Weiss caught {{an|N}} getting away with {{p|Braviary}}. It was then used to battle {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} and was eventually defeated in a battle by [[Iris's Excadrill]].
Multiple Seviper appeared in ''[[XY069|Defending the Homeland!]]''. They were one of {{an|Florges}}'s minions who were ordered to attack {{AP|Goodra}}'s homeland. Two of them reappeared in ''[[XY070|Beyond the Rainbow!]]'', ''[[XY112|Master Class is in Session!]]'', and ''[[XY140|Till We Compete Again!]]''.