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Mew (Pokémon)

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Other appearances
==Other appearances==
[[File:SSBB Mew.png|right|thumb|200px|Mew in [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]]]
===Super Smash Bros. series===
In ''[[Super Smash Bros.]]'', Mew will sometimes appear out of a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}. When summoned, it will use {{m|Fly}} to leave the arena. In single player, the summoner is awarded the "Mew Catcher" bonus, worth 10,000 points.
After unlocking every character in ''[[Super Smash Bros. Melee]]'', there is a 1 in 251 chance of Mew appearing from a Poké Ball. The thrower of the Poké Ball receives the same "Mew Catcher" bonus.