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Personality and characteristics
[[File:Damian Charmander.png|thumb|250px|left|As a Charmander, with Damian]]
;With Damian
Charmander originally belonged to a boastful {{pkmn|Trainer}} named [[Damian]]. However, in ''[[EP011|Charmander - The Stray Pokémon]]'', Damian grew tired of Charmander being weak, and so he abandoned it, leaving it on a rocky outcrop and telling it that he would come back later. Charmander's health deteriorated, but it was able to resist capture by {{Ash}} twice before explaining to {{AP|Pikachu}} that it was waiting for Damian. Later, Ash met Damian and learned that he never planned to return for itCharmander. Outraged but mostly concerned for Charmander, who was now stuck out in the rain loyally awaiting Damian, {{an|Brock}}, Ash, and {{an|Misty}} rushed to its rescue, with Brock carrying it to the [[Pokémon Center]] while Ash sheltered the little remaining tail flame with his coat.
Despite the care shown to it, Charmander was unwilling to remain at the Pokémon Center and returned to the rock where it had been staying. However, it came across {{TRT}}, who had stolen Pikachu. Charmander ordered them to return Pikachu, and when they ignored it, it blasted them with Flamethrower to send them running away, leaving behind Pikachu. Ash invited Charmander to join them, but Damian turned up with a bunch of Poké Balls and said that he had abandoned Charmander on purpose in order to allowtoughen it to toughen up. Damian threw a Poké Ball at it, but Charmander deflected the ballBall in defiance. Having seen Damian's character, Charmander staunchly refused to return, and when Damian threatened to crush it with all of his other Pokémon, it attacked Damian with a Flamethrower attack alongside Pikachu, who used {{m|Thunder Shock}}. Damian fled and Charmander happily joined Ash's team instead.
;With Ash
[[File:Ash Charmander.png|thumb|250px|As a Charmander]]
Charmander immediately became one of Ash's main Pokémon, being used in the [[EP012|very next episode]] as a torch to help Ash through the caves. Also, it joined with a group of other Charmander on the [[S.S. Anne|St. Anne]] in ''[[EP015|Battle Aboard the St. Anne]]'' to repel {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}s. In ''[[EP023EP016|The Tower of TerrorLater]]'', AshCharmander sentused it outFlamethrower to leadtorch thea wayhole throughin the hauntedcapsized tower,St. butAnne's ithull, was terrified ofallowing the {{type|Ghost|ghosts}}group and AshTeam recalledRocket itto afterescape itthe became paralyzed by {{TP|Sabrina|Haunter}}'s {{m|Lick}}ship.
In ''[[EP025|Primeape Goes Bananas]]'', Charmander battled a berserk {{AP|Primeape}}. It finally subdued its opponent by using {{m|Rage}} and {{m|Flamethrower}}. Charmander made its Gym Battle debut in [[EP026|the next episode]], where it defeated [[Erika]]'s {{p|Weepinbell}} after burning {{m|Razor Leaf}} and then striking a powerful Skull Bash. However in the next round, the pure stench emitting from her {{p|Gloom}} caused Charmander to choke and faint. Ash called on Charmander's assistance against [[Koga]] in ''[[EP032|The Ninja Poké-Showdown]]''. It went up against Koga's {{p|Venomoth}} briefly before their match was interrupted by Team Rocket. For the official Gym battle, Charmander went up against [[Koga's Golbat]] and defeated it with Ember and Fire Spin, earning Ash the {{Badge|Soul}}.
In ''[[EP032|The Ninja Poké-Showdown]]'', Charmander battled [[Koga]]'s {{p|Venomoth}} briefly before their match was interrupted by Team Rocket. For the official Gym battle, Charmander went up against [[Koga's Golbat]] and defeated it with Ember and Fire Spin. Charmander's power continued to grow, easily defeating a {{p|Golem}} owned by a biker named [[Chopper]], despite the type disadvantage in ''[[EP036|The Bike Bridge Gang]]''. The flames from Charmander's attack were so powerful that Golem continued to burn and the heat went through the Poké Ball.
The rise in Charmander's battle experience reached its peak in ''[[EP043|March of the Exeggutor Squad]]'', where it helped stop a large number of rampaging {{p|Exeggutor}}. Subsequently, Charmander [[Evolution|evolved]] into {{p|Charmeleon}}. However, in ''[[EP044|The Problem with Paras]]'', it was revealed that Charmeleon was no longer [[obedience|loyal]] to Ash, attacking a {{p|Paras}} when Ash was trying to deliberately lose in order to help Paras evolve. [[Lacy (EP044)|Casandra's grandmother]] explained that Charmeleon's skill level had exceeded Ash's, and therefore it did not respect him. Ironically, a rampaging Charmeleon was stopped when Paras, desperately trying to avoid punishment, jabbed at it with a claw. After evolving into {{p|Parasect}}, it put Charmeleon to sleep with {{m|Spore}} and allowed Ash to recall it. Cassandra's grandmother warned Ash that he needed to learn to control Charmeleon.
[[File:Ash Charmeleon.png|thumb|250px|left|As a {{p|Charmeleon}}]]
Ash stopped using his disobedient Charmeleon, but tried again in ''[[EP046|Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon]]'' to repel wild Fossil Pokémon, which it refused to do. When an {{p|Aerodactyl}} swooped past, knocking Charmeleon over, Charmeleon proudly fought back but was unableattempted to dofight anythingback. It then jumped up and grabbed the escaping Aerodactyl's tail and followed it into the open air, but was soon shaken off. Upset, Charmeleon evolved into {{p|Charizard}} and flew after Aerodactyl to avenge its injured pride. It managed to catch Ash and put him on the ground, but unfortunately, retained its disobedience.
[[File:Ash Charizard newly evolved.png|thumb|250px|As a newly evolved {{p|Charizard}}]]
Charizard's disloyalty began to cause Ash some serious problems during his journey, losing athe [[Cinnabar Gym]] battle withagainst [[Blaine]] in ''[[EP058|Riddle Me This]]'', as it simply loafed off and allowed {{p|Rhydon}} an easy win with {{m|Horn Drill}}. In [[EP059|the next episode]], Charizard refused to help dam the volcano, but changed its mind after seeing Blaine's powerful {{TP|Blaine|Magmar}} contributing. After working together, the duo were left with a burning desire to test each other's strength. Blaine permitted a battle at the peak of the volcano, and the two seemed evenly matched. Magmar dropped Charizard into the lava, but Charizard regained the upper hand by dazing Magmar with an aerial Submission attack and then knocking it out with its powerful Seismic Toss.
While confronting {{OBP|Mewtwo|original series}}'s original clones of the three Kanto starters in their final evolutions during ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', Ash released Charizard to fight alongside [[Corey]]'s Bruteroot and [[Neesha]]'s Shellshocker against the clones. After Bruteroot and Shellshocker were quickly overpowered by their clones, Ash attempted to turn the tables by having Charizard focus on speed and evasion over raw power in its confrontation with the clone Charizard, but this strategy failed. Once Ash released the captured originals to confront the clones, Charizard battled the cloned Charizard once again but ended the battle to cry for Ash after his sacrifice to try and stop the battle between Mew and Mewtwo. After Mewtwo departed with Mew and the clones upon witnessing Ash's resurrection, it erased these actions from the memories of all people and Pokémon present, returning Charizard to its familiar disobedience.
The most costly incidence of Charizard's disloyalty was in the battle against [[Ritchie]] during the [[Indigo Plateau Conference|Indigo League]] in ''[[EP079|Friend and Foe Alike]]''. Down to one Pokémon, Ash called Charizard into battle against [[Zippo]], and surprisingly decided to battle and force Zippo to flee from a far superior Flamethrower, causing Ritchie to recall it and concede the round. However, when [[Sparky]] came out, Charizard condescendingly stomped the ground and flapped its wings against the little Pikachu before going to sleep, refusing to battle. Due to this, Ash lost the round and Ritchie advanced to the next round.
======Orange Islands======
Ash took Charizard with him to the [[Orange Archipelago|Orange Islands]], despite its refusal to obey him. Ash had noticeably stopped trying to use it in battles, although in the episode ''[[EP093|Navel Maneuvers]]'', Charizard, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur were used in the second round of the match between Ash and [[Danny]]. Charizard was initially unwilling to participate, and Danny nearly won. However, Charizard inadvertently helped when it tried to use Flamethrower on Ash but missed and carved an ice pillar into a sled. This meant Ash won the round and was able to continue the match.
In ''[[EP098|A Way Off Day Off]]'', although it did not obey Ash, Charizard recognized the wisdom and formidable experience that [[Tracey's Scyther]] had, and the two teamed up to defeat Team Rocket. Scyther was the only Pokémon in the group whom Charizard respected.
Charizard continued to ignore Ash during battles, such as in ''[[EP099|The Mandarin Island Miss Match]]''. Charizard took down a boy's {{p|Tauros}} with a single attack, before flying away and rampaging the city. Ash was unable to recall it and only the intervention of [[Lorelei|Prima]] and her {{p|Slowbro}} using {{m|Disable}} allowed Ash to stop Charizard.
[[File:Ash Charizard frozen.png|thumb|250px|left|Being taken care of by Ash]]
In ''[[EP105|Charizard Chills]]'', Charizard battled [[Tad]]'s {{p|Poliwrath}}. It blatantly refused to listen to Ash's commands, continuing to use Flamethrower despite it having no effect on Poliwrath. Tad and Poliwrath resisted all of them until Poliwrath responded with a {{m|Water Gun}} that nearly doused the flame on Charizard's tail. It was then encased in ice by Poliwrath's {{m|Ice Beam}}, much to Ash's horror. Ash managed to smash the ice encasing Charizard's head, and Tad walked away scornfully, telling Ash that they would have a rematch when he could control Charizard. Ash lit a fire and thawed Charizard out, before rubbing Charizard all over to help it regain its body heat. Pikachu pointed out that Ash's hands were rubbed raw, but Ash replied that he didn't mind, and redoubled his efforts upon seeing that Charizard's tail flame was so small. Charizard woke up in a panic and tried to attack, but it was so cold that it could not produce a flame and passed out again. Misty provided a blanket and Tracey kept the fires up while Pikachu watched the flame, but Ash himself worked throughout the entire night to help Charizard recover.
The selfless act reminded Charizard of everything Ash had done for it since it was a Charmander. By morning, Charizard's respect and loyalty to Ash had returned, and it helped Ash rescue Pikachu from Team Rocket. Ash and Pikachu were briefly knocked out during the rescue, and Charizard became so incensed it learned Dragon Rage. In a rematch with Tad and Poliwrath, Charizard learned to dodge Ice Beam and knocked Poliwrath into the air before defeating it with Seismic Toss.
[[File:ValleyShipping.png|thumb|250px|With Charla]]
Charizard also accompanied Ash on his journey to the [[Johto]] region, although it became apparent that it was unfairly superior to most of Ash's early competition. This was shown especially in ''[[EP118|The Double Trouble Header]]'', where {{an|Casey}}'s {{p|Pidgey}} was beaten by Charizard exhaling and {{p|Rattata}} waseasily defeated merelyall by bouncingthree of Charizard's stomach. A single Flamethrower beat {{TPan|Casey|Chikorita}}'s and allowed Charizard to win in the sweepPokémon, despite the disapproval of Misty and Brock. Team Rocket later capitulated on Casey's frustration, calling Charizard an illegal choice by Ash.
Charizard was used to weaken and help Ash capture a {{AP|Chikorita}} in ''[[EP126|The Chikorita Rescue]]''. Its massive size compared to her came into effect when Chikorita ran towards it and tried to attack, Charizard responding by placing its foot out and blowing a small puff of fire after being instructed by Ash to only weaken her. Charizard's puff of fire ended up on Chikorita's single leaf and caused her to run around for a short amount of time before using {{m|Vine Whip}} to attack Charizard. Charizard was recalled by Ash after it and Chikorita fell into a large canvas of rocks.
In ''[[EP131|Fighting Flyer with Fire]]'', it participated in Ash's first Johto Gym battle against [[Falkner]], where it battled Falkner's {{p|Pidgeot}}. Due to the latter's impressive {{stat|Speed}}, Charizard started at a disadvantage, with Pidgeot's {{m|Whirlwind}} reflecting its Flamethrower back onto it. It was then knocked back down by a combination of Wing Attack and {{m|Quick Attack}}. Falkner told Ash to surrender but Ash refused and Charizard gained the strength to fight back and fly above Quick Attack. Charizard then baited Pidgeot, spinning around in midair when Pidgeot flew behind it and hitting it with Fire Spin, before seizing it and hurling it into the ground with Seismic Toss. Pidgeot was knocked out and Ash won the Zephyr Badge.
In ''[[EP134|Charizard's Burning Ambitions]]'', Misty criticized Ash for using Charizard too often against fresh young Trainers, making him unbeatable but in an unfair way. Ash then met {{Jo|Liza}}, who taught Ash and Charizard how to fly together. After arriving in the [[Charicific Valley]], Charizard was humiliated by Liza's insults and proudly tried to show off its power, but was shown to be smaller and weaker than the wild Charizard who lived there. Charizard continued to pick fights and kept getting itself defeatedbeaten until Liza locked them out of the Valley, having [[Charla]] throw Charizard into the lake and telling it and Ash to stay away until they had trained and reflected. Team Rocket sympathized with Charizard and helped it to stay awake in the lake, as well as making a false attempt to break into the Valley, allowing Charizard to defeat them and win acclaim from Liza, Charla, and the wild Charizard. Facing an emotional battle, Ash told Charizard that he did not want a weakling on his team and he would be fine without it, forcing Charizard to stay at the Valley to train and become more powerful. He then ran away from the Valley, knowing that if he stopped, he would not be able to say goodbye. Pikachu wished Charizard well and followed Ash, leaving its teammate and friend behind.
In ''[[M03|Spell of the Unown: Entei]]'', when it witnessed a news broadcast discussing how [[Delia Ketchum]] had been abducted by a [[Entei (M03)|mysterious Pokémon]] during strange events at [[Greenfield]], Charizard departed the valley to assist Ash, arriving just in time to save him and Pikachu from falling to their deaths. Charizard subsequently assisted Ash in confronting the Entei created by the Unown, but even its natural power was insufficient against Entei's sheer strength and its ability to manipulate the environment thanks to its ties to the Unown, with Entei nearly breaking Charizard's neck. However, once [[Molly Hale|Molly]] accepted the need to acknowledge reality, Charizard worked with Pikachu and Entei to defeat the Unown and end the illusion before it returned to the Valley to resume its training.
OnceDuring itits returnedtime toin the Charicific Valley, Charizard took the role of Charla's bodyguard for Charla, and the two seem to have a sort of [[ValleyShipping|romantic relationship]] with each other. Liza occasionally visitsvisited the [[Dragon's Den|Dragon'sHoly ValleyLand]] in [[Blackthorn City]] with the two Charizard. One such visit was in ''[[EP253|Great Bowls of Fire!]]'', which coincidentally occurred when Ash was there for his final [[Johto]] Gym battle. Charizard helped Ash, [[Clair]], Pikachu and {{TP|Clair|Dragonair}} calm the wild {{p|Dragonite}} that was rampaging in the Dragon Holy Land.
In ''[[EP254|Better Eight Than Never]]'', Charizard battled against Clair's Dragonair in Ash's [[rematch]]. withIt Clair by causingcaused the water in the Gym's pool to evaporate with its Flamethrower and Fire Spin, thus depriving Dragonair of her protection. It then caught Dragonair with Seismic Toss and used Fire Spin to create a flaming twister to wear down Dragonair's defenses before she hit the ground and was knocked out. Ash surprised Liza by sending it back for training, knowing that Charizard still had a lot to learn.
[[File:Ash and Charizard.png|thumb|left|250px|Charizard and Ash]]
Ash later used Charizard in the [[Silver Conference]] during his fight against [[Gary Oak]] in ''[[EP270|Can't Beat the Heat!]]'', as Brock had made a late- night call to Liza requesting Charizard for the battle. [[Gary's Blastoise]] and {{p|Scizor}} cut Ash's team down to only Charizard, who had to fight three opponents single-handedly. It managed to match Scizor's speed and took advantage of its significant type advantage, defeating Scizor with a single Flamethrower. Despite Gary's Golem's weight preventing Charizard from using its Seismic Toss, Charizard overcame it with a powerful Dragon Rage. Charizard struggled against Gary's Blastoise, as it had supreme defensive capabilities and could keep Charizard at bay with Hydro Pump. Thinking outside the box, Ash told Charizard to superheat the field, which forced Blastoise to spend time cooling the molten rock. This created a huge steam cloud and allowed Charizard to seize Blastoise at close range. Blastoise could still use {{m|Withdraw}} to dodge Dragon Rage, so Charizard hurled Blastoise into the ground with Seismic Toss, defeating it and leaving Ash as the winner.
Charizard was then used in Ash's fight against {{jo|Harrison}} in ''[[EP271|Playing with Fire!]]'', where it camewent outup against [[Harrison's Blaziken]]. Charizard's aerial advantage was negated by Blaziken's powerful legs and ability to maneuver in midair. Each Pokémon hit hard blows on the other, and their Flamethrowers were shown to be equal in power. Blaziken even managed to get up after a devastating Seismic Toss, while Charizard took a {{m|Blaze Kick}} to the neck and continued on. A fiery clash between Flamethrower and Dragon Rage knocked both Pokémon down, but only Blaziken could get up, eliminating Ash from the tournament. Charizard once again returned to Charicific Valley, and it was later revealed that it had injured Blaziken so badly that Harrison had to rest his primary battler in the next round, which contributed to his later loss.
====={{series|Advanced Generation}}=====
In ''[[AG136|The Symbol Life]]'', it returned for Ash's first {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|III}} battle, where it took on [[Noland's Articuno]] at the {{gdis|Battle Factory|III}}. Ash and Charizard flew together, where Charizard demonstrated a far improved Flamethrower and that it had learned {{m|Dragon Breath}}. In battle, it showed that it was a match even for the legendaryLegendary Pokémon, using Flamethrower to burn through {{m|Ice Beam}} and strike Articuno. However, Articuno did not take much damage from Flamethrower or Dragon Breath, blinding Charizard with {{m|Mist}} and then knocking it to the ground with {{m|Steel Wing}}. Articuno then inflicted serious damage with {{m|Water Pulse}} and froze Charizard's wing tip, crippling its movements. Finally, Charizard used Overheat, which it had just learned, to melt the ice, then it caught Articuno as it tried to use Steel Wing and struck with a Seismic Toss. Charizard collapsed, but managed to get up just as Articuno passed out, giving Ash and Charizard the victory.
Charizard also battled alongside Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle in a four-on-four battle against {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}}'s Pokémon in ''[[AG189|Gathering the Gang of Four!]]''. It went up against {{p|Dusclops}}. Charizard had been training since its battle with Articuno and learned Steel Wing, but was put at a disadvantage when Dusclops used {{m|Confuse Ray}} and {{m|Mean Look}}, forcing Charizard to keep battling in its baffled state, all the while taking damage from {{m|Will-O-Wisp}}. Finally, Charizard snapped out of its confusion and attacked with Dragon Breath, wearing both Pokémon down. However, an attempt to use Seismic Toss to finish the match cost Ash dearly, as the {{type|Ghost}} simply dissipated and re-emerged safely at a distance, where a single {{m|Shadow Punch}} took Charizard out and put Ash at a supreme disadvantage. However, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle managed to win the battle and the Brave Symbol. After the match against Brandon, Charizard returned to Charicific Valley.
[[File:Pikachu and Charizard.png|thumb|250px|Charizard reuniting with Pikachu]]
In ''[[BW116|The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!]]'', Ash and {{ashfr}} visitedattended a [[Kanto Fair|Kanto-based festival]], where one of the presentations featured the local [[starter Pokémon]], involving a live action show with a Charmander. This made Ash remember his own Charmander, prompting him to tell {{an|Iris}}, {{an|Cilan}}, and {{an|N}} the story of how he first metabout his Charmander, and how it eventually became Charizard and won many battles with it until it was left behind in the Charicific Valley. Filled with a desire to see his old friend again, Ash called Professor Oak, who, in exchange for [[Ash's Unfezant]], sent Charizard over to him. While being introduced to Iris, Cilan, N, and their Pokémon, Charizard immediately started a fiery rivalry with [[Iris's Dragonite]], which encouraged Ash and Iris to have a battle with their two stubborn Pokémon. During the battle, Charizard was shown to have learned Wing Attack, Slash, and Dragon Tail. It quickly gained the upper hand as not even Dragonite's Dragon Rush was able to hurt it, while Dragonite was taking serious damage from Charizard's Dragon Tail. Before it could be settled, the battle was called off by N. Ash then corrected Iris's misconception that Charizard was a {{type|Dragon}}, upsetting her since she had wanted to train one as well.
In ''[[BW117|Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation!]]'', it was called out by Ash in order to once again fight Iris's Dragonite, who was this time being controlled by [[Colress]].
====Personality and characteristics====
{{bulbanews|Personality & Development: Ash's Charizard}}
The emotional turmoil of being abandoned by [[Damian]] defined Charizard when it was a Charmander. Despite the scorn it received from Damian, it remainedloyally loyalwaited tooutside for his himreturn, convinced that it had a good relationship where in fact none existed. Even when made to sit through a rain storm in hunger and fatigue and Ash and Brock showing true kindness towards it, its loyalty never wavered and Charmander almost lost its life doing so. Only a violent confrontation revealed to it the unhealthy nature of and its relationship with Damian. Charmander struggled with this abandonment, as seen in ''[[EP017|Island of the Giant Pokémon]]'', it became discouraged when {{AP|Bulbasaur}} suggested that Ash had abandoned them all. Charmander was markedly shy and shown to be anxious, though its confidence quickly grew under Ash's guidance.
[[File:Ash Charizard disobedience.png|thumb|240px|left|Refusing to battle against [[Sparky]]]]
Despite being one of Ash's most often used Pokémon, Charmander's evolution saw Charmeleon grow distant from Ash, scorning all of its former friends and seeking power alone. Charmeleon had grown to become like Damian, obsessed with power and reputation while ignoring the value of friendship, loyalty and kindness. Charmeleon's battle with {{p|Aerodactyl}} in ''[[EP046|Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon]]'' was purely based on a bruised ego, just as Charizard's later battles with {{TP|Blaine|Magmar}}, and [[Zippo]], and the clone Charizard were. Despite this, however, it did, to an extremely small extent, retain some respect and loyalty to its master, made especially apparent when Ash was petrified trying to stop Mew and Mewtwo's battle, where it was seen weeping for Ash before its tears restored him.
Once Ash made the selfless act to save Charizard from freezing in ''[[EP105|Charizard Chills]]'', Charizard finally shook off the poisonous personality traits left by Damian and regained full loyalty to Ash. Its ability to work as part of a team was still hampered but when working together with {{AP|Pikachu}} to defeat [[Luana]], it finally managed to overcome that difficulty. Since this point, Charizard has been willing to assist Ash in any battle, ranging from [[Casey's Chikorita]] to [[Falkner]]'s Pidgeot with no complaint. However, Charizard maintained the rebellious Flamethrower attacks as a sign of affection for its master and while Charizard was loyal, its love of power and reputation remained. This was shown significantly in its departingdeparture episodein ''[[EP134|Charizard's Burning Ambitions]]'', where it brashly challenged each of the wild Charizard at [[Charicific Valley]] even though it was defeated every time.
DuringUnder its{{jo|Liza}}'s training on the Charicific Valleyregime, Charizard has been shown to havehad significantly matured while retaining its fiery nature and fierce battling spirit. This was shown in ''[[BW136|A Pokémon of a Different Color!]]'', where it attempted to act as a peacemaker between [[Clair]]'s and {{an|Iris}}'s two {{p|Dragonite}}, despite failing.
====Moves used====