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Celebi soon flies by and notices an aura radiating from Ash and Torracat. As Ash and Torracat leap down from Trevenant's head, Celebi whisks the pair back to their own time. Gao lands on the ground, only to notice Ash’s mysterious absence, though Trevenant and Litten are unable to offer any insight. Back in his own time, Ash turns to Grandpa Oh, but notices that only a tree trunk with overgrown remains. Ash's other Pokémon rush over to greet their Trainer, greatly relieved to see him back. Ash notices that Lycanroc and the others appear particularly dirty, but he is unable to understand their Pokémon speech replies. Rotom then returns after trying to chase down Celebi for a snapshot.
Later, Ash and his Pokémon return home to see Burnet preparing lunch. She spots his dirty hands and orders Ash to wash his hands at once before calling Kukui in for the meal. As Ash followfollows through, Rotom happily shows Burnet its picture of Celebi. She is startled to see the [[Mythical Pokémon]], admitting that it must have been drawn to the forest's natural beauty. Meanwhile Ash calls Kukui over for lunch. Kukui slots in his childhood photo as a bookmark before closing up his move guidebook.
==Major events==