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Ash eventually does find an opponent who accepts his challenge. As Prima watches, Ash offers to let the boy set up the rules and they agree on two {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} each. Ash sends out {{AP|Squirtle}}, and the boy releases a {{p|Persian}}. Squirtle uses {{m|Water Gun}}, but Persian dodges it. It uses {{m|Thunderbolt}}, but Squirtle uses {{m|Withdraw}}. It then pops out of its shell and {{m|Skull Bash}}es Persian, knocking it out. The boy then sends out a {{p|Tauros}}, who {{m|Tackle}}s Squirtle right away, knocking it out. Ash withdraws Squirtle and sends out {{AP|Charizard}}, but Ash still cannot control Charizard and it burns him.
Prima continues to watch as Tauros uses {{m|Take Down}}. Charizard then uses {{m|Flamethrower}}, knocking out Tauros in one hit. He then {{m|Fly|flies}} into the air and attempts to burn everything in sight. Ash tries to call it back, but the [[recall]] beam from the [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} misses. When Ash gets burnt by Flamethrower again, Prima intervenes, sending out her {{p|Slowbro}}, who uses {{m|Disable}}, immobilizing Charizard in midair. It then brings it down to the ground, and Ash succeeds in calling it back. Prima asks Ash if he knows what he is doing, and he defends himself by saying that he was in the top sixteen in the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]]. Unimpressed, Prima asks the trio to come to her demonstration later, and they enthusiastically accept.
Later, Ash and {{ashfr}} watch Prima battle from the stands of Mandarin Island Stadium. Team Rocket also sneaks in, dressed as food vendors. James now fully recognizes Prima, and they plan to steal her Pokémon. The demonstration goes on for a while and Prima defeats every Pokémon she goes up against. Ash watches intently, determined to try and pick up some tips. After the demonstration, Prima invites Ash and his friends to her house for some tea. There, Ash announces his suspicions that Prima is trying to teach him reverse psychology. Prima tells them that every person has a particular way of acting in and out of battle. She then explains that she is like the water, usually going with the flow, but when she is in battle, she becomes as cold as ice. She walks outside, and tells Ash that the most important thing is knowing where his strength lies. She then insists that Ash may be strong in some ways, but he needs to develop what comes from the inside.