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Generation IV

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Advances in gameplay
*Four more boxes in the [[Pokémon Storage System]], bringing the total to 18, for a total of 540 Pokémon.
*Another new region to explore, [[Sinnoh]], yet again with its own [[Gym Leader]]s and [[Elite Four]]. Player characters are again changed.
*Four new variants of [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}, retaining the seven introduced in Generation III.
*A new [[villainous team]], [[Team Galactic]], whose intent is to capture {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}}, said to be the creators of the [[Pokémon universe]], and remake it in the image of their leader, [[Cyrus]].
*The return of the real-[[time]] and [[days of the week]] system from Generation II, with enhanced transitions between the time periods of the day.