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|locoras=[[Team Magma Hideout]]{{sup/6|OR}}/[[Team Aqua Hideout]]{{sup/6|AS}}, [[Lilycove Department Store]] [[Pokémon Lottery Corner]] (all digits), [[PokéMileage Club]] (Mine Cart Adventure), [[Secret Base]] ("Pick something up" with {{DL|Secret Base|Secret Pal}})
|locsm=[[Aether Paradise]] (from [[Gladion]] after defeating [[Lusamine]]), [[Festival Plaza]] ([[Festival Plaza#Lottery shops|Lottery shop: Big Dreams]])
|tcg=Master Ball (Gym Challenge 116)
|main=Master Ball
|locoras=[[Rustboro City]] [[Poké Mart]]{{tt|*|After speaking to scientist on Route 116}}, [[PokéMileage Club]] (Mine Cart Adventure), {{rt|110|Hoenn}} (rematch with {{tc|Collector}} Edwin)
|locsm=[[Poni Wilds]], [[Ula'ula Meadow]], [[Festival Plaza]], [[Paniola Town]]
|tcg=Repeat Ball (Primal Clash 136)
|main=Repeat Ball
|locoras=[[Fallarbor Town]] [[Poké Mart]], [[PokéMileage Club]] (Mine Cart Adventure), {{rt|125|Hoenn}} (rematch with {{tc|Sailor}} Ernest)
|locsm={{rt|8|Alola}}, {{rt|15|Alola}}, [[Brooklet Hill]], [[Hano Beach]], [[Kala'e Bay]], [[Festival Plaza]]
|tcg=Dive Ball (Primal Clash 125)
|main=Dive Ball
|descsm=A quite rare Poké Ball that has been crafted in order to commemorate a special occasion of some sort.
|tcg=Cherish Ball (Tag Team GX Starter Set 18)
|main=Cherish Ball
|locsm={{rt|2|Alola}}, {{rt|8|Alola}}, {{rt|13|Alola}}, [[Aether Paradise]], [[Seafolk Village]]
|locusum=[[Altar of the Sunne]]{{sup/7|US}}, [[Altar of the Moone]]{{sup/7|UM}}, [[Aether Paradise]], [[Poni Grove]]
|tcg=Beast Ball (Celestial Storm 125)
|main=Beast Ball
{{p|Voltorb}}, {{p|Electrode}}, {{p|Foongus}}, and {{p|Amoonguss}} often appear as item balls in the overworld, but attack when interacted with except the Foongus in [[Accumula Town]].
{{left clear}}{{right clear-}}
* {{an|Professor Oak}} has written {{wp|senryū}} about the Poké Ball in two of his lectures:
** For ''[[DP003|When Pokémon Worlds Collide!]]'', the [[Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Encyclopedia]] featured this senryū: 「ゲットだぜ なげかたいろいろ モンスターボール」 ''"I caught a Pokémon! {{tt|Monster Balls|Poké Balls}} can be thrown in all sorts of ways."''
** For ''[[BW002|Enter Iris and Axew!]]'', the [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster]] featured this senryū: 「あっポケモン モンスターボール わすれずに」 ''"Oh, a Pokémon; don't forget to bring your {{tt|Monster Balls|Poké Balls}}."''
* Only the {{p|Scyther}} family and {{p|Pinsir}} can legitimately be obtained in all of the 27 in-game Poké Ball variants.
* In {{g|Pinball}}, the Poké Balls serve as the balls in the machine; they can be used to capture Pokémon and are upgraded depending on the multiplier bonus at the time.
|nl=PokéBal {{tt|*|TCG}}
|fr=Poké Ball
|ms=Poké Ball<br>Pokéball
|pt_br=Poké Bola {{tt|*|gamesGames, animeAnime, TCG (HeartGold & SoulSilver-Unleashed, Sun & Moon-present), Adventures (PS091-present), The Official Pokémon Handbook, Pokémon Characters Guidebook}}<br>Poké Ball {{tt|*|TCG (Black & White-Generations), Adventures (PS001-PS085, PS461-PS518)}}<br>Pokébola {{tt|*|earlyEarly animeAnime, The Electric Tale of Pikachu, Pokémon Club}}
|pt_eu=Pokébola<br>Bola Poké {{tt|*|Platinum manual}}
|ru=Поке-Болл ''Poké-Boll'' {{tt|*|TCG, animeAnime}}<br>Покешар ''Pokéshar'' {{tt|*|animeAnime}}
|es_eu=Poké Ball
|sv=Poké Ball<br>Pokéboll<br>Pokéklot {{tt|*|Black version manual}}<br>Poké-klot {{tt|*|Victini event pamphlet}}
|ta=போகிபால் ''Pokéball''
|te=పోకెబాల్ ''Pokéball''
|th=มอนสเตอร์บอล ''Monster Ball''<br>โปเกบอล ''Poké Ball'' {{tt|*|Video Games}}
|tr=Poké Topu
|vi=Bóng chứa Pokémon<br>Bóng Poké