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Alterations from other core series games
** Abilities were going to appear in the games, as they are programmed into them, but they were removed, leaving them unused.
** The only available [[Poké Ball]] that were not introduced in Generation I are [[Premier Ball]] and [[Cherish Ball]].
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* A Premier Ball can be obtained as gift for every 10 Poké Balls (of any kind) purchased at the [[Poké Mart]].
* Calculations for [[Statistic|stats]] have been changed, allowing for Pokémon to reach much higher stat ceilings than in previous core games.
** [[Effort values]] (EVs) have been replaced by [[awakening values]] (AVs), which can be raised by feeding specific [[Candy]].
** High [[friendship]] can boost all stats by up to 10%, before adding in AVs.
* The [[Bicycle]], one of the [[key items]] in Generation I and III, has been removed; the [[Miracle Cycle]] shop in [[Cerulean City]] is replaced with the home of a Bike Maniac who just collects many kinds of bikes; and the Cycling Road is redesigned as the "Pokémon Road" without any {{tc|Biker}}s or {{tc|Roughneck}}s challenging the player.
** Cycling Road is redesigned as the "Pokémon Road"; some of the {{tc|Biker}}s and {{tc|Roughneck}}s that used to challenge the player there have been moved to near the Secret House instead.
* A unique section of the [[Bag]] called the [[Candy Jar]] is used for increasing the stats of Pokémon by giving them various types of [[Candy]] obtained from transferring Pokémon to Professor Oak, similar to the Candy from [[Pokémon GO]].
* A section in the bag called the Pokémon Box replaces [[PC]]s, allowing players to switch the Pokémon in their [[party]] at any point in the game.
* The player can no longer play mini-gamegames on the machines in the [[Celadon Game Corner]] because the service desk has run out of [[coin]]s. However, there are certain spots where the hidden items such as [[Bottle Cap]]s are recurring once per day in the Game Corner.
* The {{safari|Kanto}} in [[Fuchsia City]] replaces the zoo, and has added the [[GO Park]], where the player is able to interact with their caught Pokémon. Similar to the Box system in the [[Pokémon Storage System]], the GO Park complex has a total of 20 GO Parks, with each capable of holding 50 Pokémon. Thus, the player can transfer up to 1,000 Pokémon into the games.
** If the player has gathered 25 of the same species of Pokémon, they can play a minigame in the [[Park's Play Yard]] for [[Candy]]. Alolan forms are counted as a separate species, listed in red.