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Celebi (Pokémon)

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It would also notice if they're not meant to be in the present as well, if they can tell is something doesn't belong in the future and it could tell Torracat doesn't belong as well, so it's not just humans.
Celebi is a green fairy-like creature. It has round toeless feet, three-fingered hands, and clear wings on its back. It has a round head that comes to a curved point. It has large baby-blue eyes with thick black rings around them, and a pair of green antennae with blue tips.
Often found in {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Forest Pokémon|forests}}, Celebi is a Mythical Pokémon, known in legend as the "Voice of the Forest." It is able to travel through time and exist simultaneously throughout time, and plant life flourishes wherever it has been. [[M04|As seen in the anime]], it is able to bring deceased Celebi back to life and restore plants to perfect health. It was shown in [[Pokémon Colosseum]] that Celebi has the power to instantly cause the [[Purification]] of any [[Shadow Pokémon]] and can be summoned at [[Relic Forest]] with the melody of a [[Time Flute]]. Despite living in forests as its guardian, Celebi only shows itself in areas and times of peace. It has been regarded that as long as Celebi are seen throughout the world, a prosperous and bright future is still in store for the Pokémon World. As shown in [[SM125]] it can sense if peoplesomething don'tis belonga intemporal theanomaly pastin ortheir thecurrent futuretimeline and will bring them back to their original timelinestimeline.
==In the anime==