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May's Bulbasaur
=====[[May's Bulbasaur]]=====
Much later on, while Ash was traveling in the [[Hoenn]] [[region]], {{an|May}} caught her own Bulbasaur after being separated from the group in ''[[AG073|Grass Hysteria!]]''. ItShe remained with her throughout the rest of her journey in Hoenn, helping her to win the {{ci|Purika}} {{pkmn|Contest}} and place Top 8 in the [[Hoenn Grand Festival|regional]] [[Grand Festival]]. When she traveled to [[Kanto]] to continue her journey with Ash in ''[[AG133|The Right Place and the Right Mime]]'', May, too, left her Bulbasaur at [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] to learn from Ash's while she, Ash, [[Max]], and {{an|Brock}} traveled throughout the Kanto region. May retrieved ither during her travels in [[Johto]], where itshe evolved all the way into a {{p|Venusaur}}.
=====[[Shauna's Bulbasaur]]=====