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{{an|Professor Oak}} contacts {{an|Professor Kukui}}'s home to inform him, {{Ash}}, and [[Professor Burnet]] that [[SM111|yesterday]]'s mysterious Pokémon is in fact a new species. Oak reveals that he has called it "{{p|Meltan}}", the Hex Nut Pokémon and a {{type|Steel}}. As {{AP|Rowlet}} and the others indulge in some fruit, the {{AP|Meltan}} that sneaked into Ash's [[Bag|backpack]] melts its way through one of Burnet’sBurnet's frying pans. By the time Rowlet scolds Meltan for its actionthis, it has already eaten the pan's base. Professor Oak wishes everyone all the bestwell and signs off. As Kukui and Ash rush to get readyprepare for the upcoming school day., Ash begins to hearhears strange noises coming from his backpack, but thinks little of it. After he and Kukui leave home, Burnet soon finds her ruined frying pan sitting on the kitchen counter.
At the [[Pokémon School]], Ash reveals Oak's findings to {{ashcl}}, much to their excitement. {{an|Mallow}} and the others are keen to find another Meltan and start scouring the classroom. {{an|Sophocles}} then spots something out of the corner of his eye, but it turns out to be {{an|Lana}} in a Meltan costume. Mallow commends her friend’s creativity and {{an|Lillie}} jokes that it may help lure some real Meltan. In the school's basement, {{TP|Lusamine|Clefable}} is doing her best but she is becoming increasingly tired from the Meltan eating all the equipment. In the classroom, Kukui announces to his class that they will be {{pkmn|battle|battling}} each other. {{an|Kiawe}} is quick to challenge Ash, while Lana and Mallow pair up and Lillie is looking forward to battling [[Sophocles's Vikavolt]]. Ash tries to wake up Rowlet, but it appears to be in too deep of a sleep so Ash leaves it inside his backpack for the day.