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Alterations from other core series games: replaced: {{DL|Poké Ball|Premier Ball}} → Premier Ball (2)
** Moves that were {{cat|Generation I moves|introduced in Generation I}} are all available in the games.
** Abilities were going to appear in the games, as they are programmed into them, but they were removed, leaving them unused.
** The only available [[Poké Ball]] that were not introduced in Generation I are {{DL|Poké Ball|[[Premier Ball}}]] and {{DL|Poké Ball|[[Cherish Ball}}]].
* {{m|Teleport}} has been changed to do something in any kind of battle, as opposed to just battles with wild Pokémon.
* A Premier Ball can be obtained as gift for every 10 Poké Balls (of any kind) purchased at the [[Poké Mart]].