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The [[Nintendo DS]]'s [[dual-slot mode]] allows Pokémon to be transferred from [[Generation III]] games to [[Generation IV]] games. When a Generation IV game is started with a Generation III game in the console's Game Pak Slot, if [[Pal Park]] has been visited in the game, the option to "Migrate from [game]" will be available on the [[main menu]]. (Due to the removal of the Game Pak Slot for the [[Nintendo DSi]], Pokémon cannot be transferred to Generation IV on DSi consoles.)
Six Pokémon can be migrated at a time and, in {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, Pokémon can only be migrated once every 24 hours. In the destination game, the migrated Pokémon will be available at [[Pal Park]] for the player to catch in a Catching Show. The {{ball|[[Park}} Ball]]s used in Catching Shows always capture a Pokémon when thrown.
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