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Veilstone Game Corner

No change in size, 9 June
Bonus Round: replaced: {{Ball|Premier}} → Premier Ball (4)
*{{Ball|Poké}} : Three Poké Balls
*{{Ball|[[Premier}} Ball]]: Three of something Random
*{{Ball|[[Great}} Ball]]: Three Replays
*{{Ball|[[Ultra}} Ball]]: Three Pikachu
*{{Ball|[[Safari}} Ball]]: Three Moon Stones
Randomly, a {{p|Clefairy}} will pop out of the Poké Ball on the touch screen, and can be either a normal one, a {{Shiny}} one, or one that appears to be a {{m|transform}}ed {{p|Ditto}}. Which kind of Clefairy appears indicates how likely the Bonus Round is to repeat; a transformed Ditto indicates a lower chance to repeat, a Clefairy indicates a moderate chance, and a Shiny Clefairy indicates a high chance. If Pikachu appears after the round is complete, it will be more likely to repeat (it will be less likely to repeat if Clefairy appears again). Players must continue spinning the reels until they get a 100-coin bonus. The odds of getting the bonus seem to improve if the slots are activated to the beat of Clefairy's clapping.