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Snagem Hideout

No change in size, 9 June
Items: replaced: {{ball|Ultra}} → Ultra Ball (2)
{{itemlist|Max Elixir|1F, in the center of the hallway|Colo=yes}}
{{itemlist|Max Revive|1F, next to Niver|Colo=yes|display=[[Max Revive]] ×2}}
{{itemlist|Ultra Ball|1F, inside the big [[Snag Machine]] in the southwest room|Colo=yes|display={{ball|[[Ultra}} Ball]] ×5}}
{{itemlist|Ultra Ball|1F, north of the healing machine|XD=yes|display={{ball|[[Ultra}} Ball]] ×3}}
{{itemlist|TM Psychic|1F, behind the southeast staircase, near [[Biden]]|XD=yes|display={{TM|29|Psychic}}}}
{{itemlist|TM Ghost|1F, near the alternate exit (requires [[Gonzap's Key]])|XD=yes|display={{TM|30|Shadow Ball}}}}