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Pokémon Festa 2007: Pokémon PalCity: replaced: {{ball|Safari}} → Safari Ball
==Pokémon Festa 2007: Pokémon PalCity==
{{bulbanews|Pokémon Festa 2007 details revealed}}
Pokémon Festa 2007: Pokémon PalCity hosted the Pokémon League 2007 (a game tournament), a TCG tournament, as well as giveaways of [[PalCity Mew]], [[PalCity Manaphy|Manaphy]] and [[PalCity Lucario|Lucario]] that have learnt special moves. There was a scaled-up version of the safari attraction from {{OBP|PokéPark|theme park}}, where participants can capture Pokémon using {{ball|[[Safari}} Ball]]s in the [[Great Marsh]]. There was also an interactive theater, ''[[Alamos Town]] Fireworks Display'', where the story changes in accordance to the votes of the audience.
===Locations and dates===