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Pokémon Dream Radar

No change in size, 9 June
Obtainable Pokémon: replaced: {{ball|Dream}} → Dream Ball
===Obtainable Pokémon===
Each Pokémon has its [[Ability#Hidden Abilities|Hidden Ability]], with the exception of {{p|Rotom}}, which has no Hidden Ability. The level of Pokémon obtained from this game depends on the number of Badges obtained in the game they are transferred to, starting at level 5 when transferred to a game with no Badges and being level 40 when transferred to a game with seven or eight Badges. These Pokémon are all obtained in a {{ball|[[Dream}} Ball]], have the met location of "Pokémon Dream Radar", and are treated as having been caught by the player of the Black 2 or White 2 game.
Each Legendary Pokémon can only be obtained in Dream Radar once per save file, and can only be received in Black 2 or White 2 once per save file.