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Golem (Pokémon)

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Minor appearances
===Minor appearances===
InA Golem appeared in ''[[EP042|Showdown at Dark City]]'', Golemunder wasthe oneownership of theone Pokémon owned byof the {{pkmn|Trainer}}s at the {{DL|Gym|Kaz Gym}}.
InA Golem appeared in an image in ''[[EP050|Who Gets To Keep Togepi]]'', when. Ash, {{an|Misty}}, and Brock arewere discussing which Pokémon they'd likebelieved towould hatch out of the Egg, with Brock mentionsmentioning that he wisheswished it would be a Golem, and one is shown for a second before Misty replaces it with a {{p|Lapras}}.
AtA theGolem beginningappeared ofin ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', under the ownership of [[Raymond]]. usedIt awas Golemused to battle [[Ash's Pikachu]]., but Golem, along with the rest of hisRaymond's Pokémon, were defeated by Pikachu.
A Golem appeared in ''[[EP077|The Fourth Round Rumble]]'', under the ownership of [[Melissa]]. It was her final Pokémon in her battle against {{Gary}}, and it emerged victorious after using {{m|Seismic Toss}} on Gary's {{p|Nidoking}}.
An Alolan Golem appeared in a flashback in ''[[SM100|Battling the Beast Within!]]'', under the ownership of the [[Ultra Rangers]]. It and its fellow Pokémon attempted to battle a {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Guzzlord}} that was wreaking havoc at the [[Ultra Ruin]], but lost.
An Alolan Golem appeared in a pictureflashback in [[SM125]], where it was seen in a picture.
===Pokédex entries===