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Johto Safari Zone

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The Johto '''Safari Zone''' (Japanese: '''サファリゾーン''' ''Safari Zone'') is a special Pokémon preserve where {{pkmn|Trainer}}s can capture certain types of Pokémon. The Johto Safari Zone made its debut appearance in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, where it was shown to be located northwest of {{ci|Cianwood}}. It is located at the [[Safari Zone Gate]], a bazaar that sprung up due to the Safari Zone's popularity. It is owned by [[Baoba]], the owner of the former [[Kanto Safari Zone]], which was, by then, made into a [[Pal Park]] by his son.
For {{PDollar}}500, the player will receive 30 [[Safari BallsBall]]s. Akin to previous Safari Zones, there is a large area to cover, but the six areas of the Zone can uniquely be rearranged to suit the player. Also, there is no time or step limit to how long the player can try to catch Pokémon. The only ways to leave are to retire, to walk back through the entrance or to run out of Safari Balls.
When a [[wild Pokémon]] appears, no Pokémon may be sent out to battle it; catching Pokémon here, as in most Safari Zones, requires sheer luck. There are four options in the battle screen: throw a Safari Ball, throw Bait, run away, and throw Mud. Throwing Bait makes a Pokémon less likely to run, but makes it harder to catch, while throwing Mud does the reverse, making it easier to catch but more likely to run.