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** The plot of the episode also has similar elements to the movie, with {{Ash}} meeting a young version of a {{an|Professor Oak|Professor}} and their {{p|Charmeleon|Fire-type starter}} due the actions of a {{p|Celebi}}. The episode also focuses on Kukui's Pokémon [[move]] book, as it did with Sam's sketchbook to identify the past and present characters as one of the same.
* This episode marks the first use of the move {{m|Ice Ball}} since ''[[AG110|The Great Eight Fate!]]''. This is also the first time the move has been used by a Pokémon outside of the {{p|Spheal}} evolutionary line in the anime.
* {{AP|Pikachu}}, the [[narrator]], {{AP|Rowlet}}, and[[Poké Ride]] {{p|Garchomp}}, {{AP|Lycanroc}}, and a {{p|Crabrawler}} narrate the preview for the [[SM126|next episode]].