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Mr. Fuji

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In the games
In the [[Generation II]] games and {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, Mr. Fuji does not have a prominent role. He is found in the [[House of Memories]] paying respects to the deceased Pokémon there. In the house, there are hidden chambers that only Mr. Fuji has access to.
It is rumored that Mr. Fuji once lived on the {{ka|Pokémon Mansion}}, where [[Pokémon Mansion journals|journals]] related to the discovery of {{p|Mew}} and the birth of {{p|Mewtwo}} can be found. The mansion being located on Cinnabar Island and the fact that Fuji was a doctor are the only implications given in the games he appears in. However, this is also backed up not only by Pokémon Emerald as aforementioned, but by [[Mr. Fuji#In the anime|different anime media]], suggesting he is in fact the author of the Pokémon Mansion journals and thus, the scientist related to the creation of Mewtwo in the games as well.