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* [[Ula'ula Island]] grand trial (''[[SM077|Guiding an Awakening!]]''; received the [[Lycanium Z]])
* [[Poni Island]] grand trial (''[[SM109|A Grand Debut!]]''; received the [[Steelium Z]])
* From a [[Totem Pokémon|Totem]] {{p|Trevenant}} ([[SM125]]; received the [[Firium Z]])
<!--A note to future editors: Follow the form below when Ash and the others enter a new region/league, so that there is no unnecessary typing.
If we know the eight regional Badges beforehand, please wait until Ash is actually confirmed to get each one. This is because Ash could get the Badges in a different order, or unanticipated Badges, like what happened in Sinnoh and Unova.-->