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The episode opens up with {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} at a [[Pokémon Center]] after being caught in a downpour. In the mean time, Pikachu and Ash's other Pokémon receive a check-up by [[Nurse Joy]] and [[Nurse Joy's Wigglytuff|Wigglytuff]]. After {{an|Bonnie}} exclaims that the rain is never going to stop, {{an|Clemont}} pulls out his invention called the [[ListClemontic of Clemont's inventionsGear|"Weather Predictor"]] which collects data including the movement of rain clouds, wind, humidity and temperature to predict the weather. Clemont raises the analysis speed to make it work faster, but causes the invention to explode.
Ash receives his Pokémon back and Nurse Joy states they are all perfectly fine.