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Malamar (anime)

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{{p|Malamar}} first appeared in ''[[XY019|A Conspiracy to Conquer!]]''. Prior to the episode, Malamar set up its hideout at a radio observatory near [[Camphrier Town]]. It also {{m|Hypnosis|hypnotized}} an [[Officer Jenny]] who was investigating a nearby radio observatory, turning her into "Madame X". Together, they confronted {{TRT}} and hypnotized them, but {{MTR}} {{m|Fury Swipes|scratched}} his own face, which prevented him from getting hypnotized, and later informed {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}. With [[Jessie]], [[James]], and their Pokémon in tow, Malamar located Ash's group by a tree. It then kidnapped {{AP|Pikachu}}, hoping to use his power to lead its Pokémon army, the Pokémon Patrol, and aid it in its plans for {{pkmn|world}} domination.
By the time Ash, his friends, and Meowth arrived in the observation chamber of the radio observatory, Malamar took control of {{an|Clemont}}, {{an|Bonnie}}, and {{an|Serena}}. However, the [[ListClemontic of Clemont's inventionsGear|Automatic Pikachu Retrieving Device]] that Clemont built earlier entered the observatory and crashed into Malamar, breaking its control over everyone it had hypnotized. Malamar subsequently revealed that it had tricked them into believing that Madame X was controlling it, while it built a weapon to reconstruct the world. Malamar led the group to its "grand design" room, and destroyed it before fleeing.
[[File:Malamar XY054.png|thumb|250px|left|Malamar with its two fellow Malamar]]