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Type effectiveness
* If the type of move is completely ineffective against one of the opponent's types, then the move does no damage, even if the opponent has a second type that would be vulnerable to it (as in {{m|Thunderbolt}}, an {{type|Electric}} move, used against a {{p|Quagsire}}, a {{2t|Water|Ground}} Pokémon).
The moves {{m|Flying Press}}, {{m|Freeze-Dry}}, and {{m|Thousand Arrows}} have custom interactions with defending types that do not strictly match their assigned types.<!-- Note: Flying Press does not have "two assigned types". It is a Fighting-type move with a special effect that lets it do additional Flying-type damage. It does not work with the Sky Plate or give STAB on Flying-types, etc.--> {{cat|Moves that deal direct damage}} (including [[one-hit knockout move]]s) do not employ effectiveness, although Pokémon may still be immune to them based on type interactions. Certain {{Abilities}}, [[held item]]s, or types of [[weather]] (such as {{a|Levitate}}, the [[Ring Target]], or a {{weather|mysterious airstrong currentwinds}}, respectively) may modify the effectiveness of specific moves against types.
[[Status move]]s typically do not employ type effectiveness; however, {{type|Ground}} Pokémon are immune to {{m|Thunder Wave}} based on type interactions, and {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon are immune to {{m|Glare}} based on type interactions in Generation II and III only. Furthermore, status moves may be unable to affect Pokémon based on type-related interactions other than effectiveness; for example, {{type|Poison}} Pokémon cannot be afflicted with {{status|poison}} and are thus unaffected by {{m|Poison Gas}}.