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Sleep (status condition)

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In the anime
* In ''[[AG160|Harley Rides Again]]'', {{an|May}}'s {{TP|May|Munchlax}}'s {{m|Metronome}} landed on Rest during the [[Appeal|Appeals Round]] of the {{to|Wisteria}} {{pkmn|Contest}}. She was able to wake Munchlax up by throwing it a [[Pokéblock]].
* In ''[[AG182|Channeling the Battle Zone!]]'', [[Solidad]] used her {{p|Slowbro}}'s Yawn to put [[May's Combusken]] asleep during their match in the [[Kanto Grand Festival]].
* In ''[[AG190|Pace - The Final Frontier!]]'', {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}}'s {{TP|Brandon|Regice|legendaryLegendary titans}} went to sleep twice by using Rest in order to recover from the damage taken while battling with Ash's Pikachu.
* A wild {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Hippopotas}}, which appeared in ''[[DP044|Mass Hip-Po-Sis!]]'' and ''[[DP065|Sleight of Sand!]]'', used Yawn several times, putting several characters, including Ash and Jessie, asleep a couple of times.
* In ''[[M10|The Rise of Darkrai]]'', {{OBP|Darkrai|M10}} used its {{m|Dark Void}} in order to warn the people of [[Alamos Town]] about the coming attack of {{mov|Dialga}} and {{mov|Palkia}}. Unfortunately, the {{a|Bad Dreams}} that it caused led [[Baron Alberto]] to see Darkrai as a threat.