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===={{series|Advanced Generation}}====
The Battle Pyramid debuted in ''[[AG178|Battling the Enemy Within!]]'', where {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrived to it its then-current location near [[Pewter City]], which they had learned in ''[[AG170|Second Time's the Charm!]]'', following Ash's victory against {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}} at the {{gdis|Battle Tower|III}}. However, while exploring some ancient ruins, where the group also encountered Brandon for the first time, Ash ended up getting possessed by the evil spirit of the [[King of Pokélantis]]. Brandon challenged the king to a battle to save Ash, and was finally able to defeat [[Ash's Sceptile]] with his {{DL|Brandon's legendaryLegendary titans|Regirock}} before sealing the king's spirit away again. The match was declared unofficial and Brandon agreed to have an official battle with Ash later, before flying off to explore some ruins elsewhere.
In ''[[AG182|Channeling the Battle Zone!]]'', the group learned about the Battle Pyramid's new location in [[Fennel Valley]], where they arrived in ''[[AG186|Overjoyed!]]''. On the night before the battle, Brandon told Ash that he'd be using a {{DL|Brandon's legendaryLegendary titans|Registeel}}, prompting Ash to call back his {{AP|Torkoal}} from [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]]. However, despite Ash having the type advantage, he was still defeated. Brandon subsequently left the pyramid to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} a new Pokémon, promising to return once he had done so.
Brandon returned to the Battle Pyramid in ''[[AG189|Gathering the Gang of Four!]]'', allowing Ash to start his [[rematch]] with him. The match continued in ''[[AG190|Pace - The Final Frontier!]]'', eventually coming down to a face-off between Ash's Pikachu and {{DL|Brandon's legendaryLegendary titans|Regice|Brandon's Regice}}. This time, Ash was finally able to emerge victorious against Brandon, earning him the [[Symbol|Brave Symbol]] and a place in the Battle Frontier [[Hall of Fame]].
===={{series|Diamond & Pearl}}====
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|vaen=Katsuyuki Konishi
|desc={{main|Brandon's legendaryLegendary titans#Regirock|Brandon's Regirock}}
Brandon used {{p|Regirock}} against Ash during [[AG178|their unofficial battle]] while Ash was possessed by the [[King of Pokélantis]]. Regirock went up against {{AP|Sceptile}} and won despite the type-disadvantage. Regirock later sent {{TRT}} blasting off along with Registeel during Ash and Brandon's [[AG189|rematch]].
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|vaen=Tomoe Hanba
|desc={{main|Brandon's legendaryLegendary titans#Registeel|Brandon's Registeel}}
After the [[Kanto Grand Festival]], Ash was finally allowed [[AG186|an official battle]] against Brandon in another one-on-one battle. Brandon used {{p|Registeel}}, while Ash used his {{AP|Torkoal}}. The two fought hard, and although Registeel was left extremely weak after the battle, it was Torkoal who was defeated. Registeel later sent Team Rocket blasting off alongside Regirock during Ash and Brandon's rematch.
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|vaen=Tomoe Hanba
|desc={{main|Brandon's legendaryLegendary titans#Regice|Brandon's Regice}}
After his first three Pokémon were defeated in ''[[AG190|Pace - The Final Frontier!]]'', Brandon sent out his newly-caught {{p|Regice}} against {{AP|Pikachu}}. Regice fought its hardest against the {{t|Electric}} type and looked poised to win, but Pikachu was able to whittle down its strength with {{m|Iron Tail}} and {{m|Volt Tackle}} to claim victory.
[[File:Battle Pyramid CBF.png|thumb|left|150px|The Battle Pyramid in Pokémon Battle Frontier]]
In ''[[PS312|Chipping Away at Regirock]]'', Emerald cleared the pyramid for the tenth time, allowing him to challenge Brandon and his {{DL|Brandon's legendaryLegendary titans|In the Pokémon Adventures manga|trio of Legendary Pokémon}} at the top. Although Brandon seemed to be emerging victorious at the end, Emerald secretly used a [[Revive]] he had found during his challenge to restore his fainted {{TP|Emerald|Sceptile}}, allowing it to land a surprise attack on Brandon's {{p|Regice}} and defeat it, winning the match for Emerald and earning him the [[Symbol|Brave Symbol]].
===In the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga===