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Emerald (Adventures)

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In ''[[PS308|As Luck Would Have It, Kirlia]]'', Emerald challenged the [[Battle Pike]]. As the facility had no rental Pokémon, Emerald instead used a party of Pokémon received from Crystal. After making his way through the various traps located in the Battle Pike, Emerald faced off against {{FB|Pike Queen|Lucy}}, the Pike Queen, and won, earnin the Luck Symbol. Afterward, he, Todd, and Latias searched through the rooms of the Battle Pike to calm down suspicious Pokémon that were also planted like Sceptile.
In ''[[PS311|A Dust-Up With Dusclops]]'', Emerald challenged the [[Battle Pyramid]] with another set of Pokémon received from Crystal, Emerald traversed through the Pyramid's dark maze. After making his way to the peak, Emerald faced off against the Pyramid King, {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}} and his powerful [[Brandon's legendaryLegendary titans|Pokémon]] {{p|Regirock}}, {{p|Regice}}, and {{p|Registeel}}. Eventually, with Sceptile's assistance, Emerald managed to defeat Brandon and earn the Brave Symbol.
In ''[[PS314|A Sketchy Smattering of Smeargle]]'', {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}}, the Salon Maiden, and the other Frontier Brains accused Emerald of stealing the Battle Factory's rental Pokémon and attacking Noland. To prove his innocence, Emerald revealed he came to the Battle Frontier to capture the Wish Pokémon, {{adv|Jirachi}}. Emerald, the Brains, and Todd all traveled to the [[Artisan Cave]], where Jirachi was rumored to be resting. Emerald managed to find Jirachi at the center of the cave, but his attempt to capture it was impeded by a man wearing armor known as [[Guile Hideout]], allowing Jirachi to escape. Angered that he lost his chance at Jirachi, Guile fled as well, launching an attack from his sword to hide his escape. Sceptile, the Sudowoodo that attacked Todd, and a {{p|Dusclops}} from the Battle Pike appeared to protect Emerald from the attack.