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Double Battle
Several moves change when used in Double Battles. While most will target one of the two Pokémon, selectable after the move itself is chosen, some target both opponent Pokémon, both opponents and the partner, the user and its partner, or all Pokémon in the battle. Abilities may have an effect in Double Battles that is very nearly useless in Single Battles, such as {{a|Plus}}, which requires another Pokémon in play to activate.
Some {{cat|Double Battle Trainer classes|specific Trainer classes}}, such as {{tc|Sis & Bro|Sis and Bro}} and {{tc|Teammates|Sr. and Jr.}}, will automatically engage the player in Double Battles. Additionally, from {{game|Emerald}} to [[Generation V]], two independent Trainers who see the player at the same time will also trigger a Double Battle. All battles in {{g|Colosseum}} are conducted as Double Battles, as are most in {{Pokémon XD}} (with the exception of three Trainer battles and all wild battles).
Double Battles were introduced in the anime ''very'' early, first appearing in [[EP003|the third episode]] where {{an|Misty}} declared them to be breaking Pokémon League rules. Despite this, {{TRT}} has battled Ash in nearly every episode since in a Double Battle, sending out two Pokémon at once. Later, Ash himself competed in a Double Battle for the {{badge|Jade Star}} in ''[[EP108|Pokémon Double Trouble]]''. After the release of Ruby and Sapphire, Double Battles were seen in the anime more often. The first took place in ''[[AG014|All in a Day's Wurmple]]''. [[Forrester Franklin]] introduced the concept to Ash and they had a battle that Ash won. As in the games, Ash's Gym Battle against [[Tate and Liza]] was a Double Battle. The Double Battle style has been used in [[Pokémon Contest]]s; specifically in [[Grand Festival]] tournaments and competitions following the [[Double Performance]] format.