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Akala Island, to the northeast, contains Alola's only active volcano, [[Wela Volcano Park]], and has the most settlements of the four islands. It boasts several huge resort hotels, all in [[Heahea City]], one of which has its own beach and golf course. It is notable for [[Brooklet Hill]], whose cascading waterfalls give off the impression of a terrace field.
Ula'ula Island to the southeast is the largest of Alola's islands, and also the most varying in terms of weather and terrain, which is significantly rougher. For such a large island, it has few settlements; one is an abandoned town while another is in ruins and contains just a Pokémon Center. These all sit in the shadow of what is essentially a contiguous mountain range in the heart of the island, which boasts not just three mountains, but also a harsh desert. Towards the southwest is a lagoon with [[breakable rocksrock]]s that the Sharpedo Jet can break through.
Poni Island, to the southwest, is more sparsely populated, having only one settlement; and, similar to the [[Battle Zone]] in [[Sinnoh]], is full of rugged and harsh environments. The island is mostly mountainous and rocky in part due to the sprawling canyon - which is in itself described as a natural [[Island challenge|trial site]] - that takes up over half the island's space, although the coastline areas are more level.