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Plot: sp
{{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}}, and {{an|Brock}} find themselves lost in a forest en route to the [[FuschiaFuchsia Gym]] and decide to take a break by a waterfall. Brock brushes {{TP|Brock|Vulpix}} and comments on its wonderful hair, whilst {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}} takes a sip of water. Misty tells Psyduck that drinking cold water will only make its headache worse, but Psyduck's responds with a blank stare, which angers her. She then asks Brock if he would like to trade Vulpix for Psyduck, though he refuses. As they head off for the Gym, a {{p|Venonat}} watches them from the trees.
As Ash and {{ashfr}} continue walking, they end up at an odd-looking mansion where they stop to ask directions, though it appears to be deserted. Misty leans against a wall and falls through it. Brock knocks on the wall and it is revealed to be a secret door, in which they quickly locate Misty. Suddenly, the same {{p|Venonat}} that was spying on them before appears. It hops away, so they decide to follow it. However, Ash runs into a small series of mishaps, such as being electrocuted by a {{p|Voltorb}}, colliding into an invisible wall, nearly falling off a ledge because of a wall trap, and being pinned to another wall by several throwing stars. Then, a girl, who identifies herself as ninja warrior {{an|Aya}}, jumps from the ceiling. Though Ash and Misty criticize Aya's dangerous traps, Brock is smitten and compliments Aya's outfit. However, she slaps his hand away and pushes him to the ground before claiming that she will not let the group go until she and Ash have a {{pkmn|battle}}; he accepts the one-on-one match.