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Aipom (Pokémon)

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In the anime
===Major appearances===
===={{TP|Dawn|Ash's/Dawn's Aipom|Aipom}}====
This Aipom appeared in ''[[AG179|Slaking Kong!]]'', in whichwhere she stole [[Ash's hat]]. After eventually returning it, she started following Ash and {{ashfr}}. After making an unsuccessful attempt in [[AG181|the previous episode]], Ash {{pkmn2|caught}} Aipom duringin ''[[AG182|Channeling the Battle Zone!]]''. Her behavior is similar to that of [[Ash's Chikorita]]: attention-seeking, very naughty at times, and occasionally jealous. However, she developed a [[Friendship|close bond]] with Ash. In ''[[DP055|Throwing the Track Switch]]'', Ash traded her to {{an|Dawn}} for {{AP|Buizel}} because Aipom loved competing in [[Pokémon Contest]]s while Buizel was more interested in [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}}s. Aipom evolved into {{p|Ambipom}} in ''[[DP060|Journey to the Unown!]]'' while battling an aggressive horde of {{p|Unown}}.
Aipom made its television debut in ''[[PK08|Delibird's Dilemma]]'', where it made off with one of {{p|Delibird}}'s missing presents. However, it decided to give it back to Delibird.
Seven Aipom made itstheir main series debut in ''[[EP167|A Hot Water Battle]]'', where seven of themthey were causing mischief.
An Aipom appeared in ''[[EP241|Hocus Pokémon]]''. {{OBP|Lily|EP241}} needed a tear from the Long Tail Pokémon to complete a spell.
Three Trainers' Aipom appeared in ''[[M21|The Power of Us]]''.
A Trainer's Pineco appeared in [[SM129]], where it competed in the [[Battle Royal]] round of the [[Manalo Conference]] but ended up losing.
===Pokédex entries===